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Smile Gallery

Patient 1:

This 20 year old female patient was unhappy with the appearance of her upper central incisors following a school sports injury. At the time the teeth had been repaired with composite resin fillings which had subsequently stained and chipped. The young lady wanted a more permanent solution that would give her broken teeth a more uniform appearance. She also wanted to lighten the underlying shade of her teeth. Dr Jerome P Sullivan treated her with a course of tooth whitening followed by 2 veneers to her upper central incisors.

Patient 2:

This 45 year old patient had been missing her upper left central incisor since she was 22. The denture she was wearing in its place had made the roof of her mouth and her gums very swollen. After whitening her teeth, the gap was restored with a dental implant and her upper left lateral incisor was crowned. The treatment plan not only restored this lady’s smile but also her oral health.

Patient 3: Tooth whitening

This young lady attended Gracefield Dental unhappy with the dark and mottled appearance of her teeth. The solution was a simple tooth whitening treatment. Quick and non invasive, tooth whitening is an easy way to improve your smile.

Patient 4: Implants and crowns

This man came to Gracefield Dental dissappointed with his upper teeth. His existing crowns were dark, chipped and poorly shaped. He had also been forced to wear a removable upper denture to fill in gaps were front teeth had been lost due to failed root canal treatments. Following the extraction of another failing front tooth, and the treatment of a re-infected root canal in his upper right central incisor, he was restored with a combination of new crowns and implants.

Patient 5: Immediate implant

This G.A.A player was seen as an emergency after he had his front tooth knocked during a match. Unfortunately, as shown on the radiograph taken at the time, the tooth’s root was fractured. It therefore had to be extracted. However, because the tooth’s bony socket was left undamaged an implant could be placed at the time of the extraction. 3 months later, once the implant had fused with the patient’s jaw bone, a crown was attached.

Patient 6: Composite fillings

A patient with congenitally malformed enamel and a limited budget came to Gracefield Dental looking for advice. A series of composite fillings applied directly to the affected teeth provided a quick and effective solution.

Patient 7: Bone Graft and implant

This man with a missing upper central incisor, wanted to stop wearing his denture. Unfortunately, a previous failed attempt to save the chronically infected tooth, by removing the root tip, had damaged the bone in the area. Therefore, it was not possible to place a dental implant without first building up the site with a bone graft. Afterwards, a dental implant was placed with a natural looking crown that blended in with his surrounding dentition.